Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Word on Ken Blackwell

I just caught a link to this April 22 piece on Ken Blackwell's arrogant presumption in trying to muscle out Josh Mandel for the right to beat Sherrod Brown like a bongo drum.  Here is a quote:
"I reminded young Josh what the word 'senior' means," Blackwell said.
...which is pretty darn funny coming from the guy who told Jim Petro, et al, that there was no such thing as "my turn."  Ken, buddy, your day is done.  Pack it in.  Enjoy the book-writing and whatever else it is that you do.  Stay off the stage here in Ohio though, we've had enough of your nonsense.

UPDATEI do think Josh Mandel ought to say for sure what his plans are and start taking positions on issues, but for Ken Blackwell to say, "Step aside, sonny, it's my turn." just takes some serious stones.