Saturday, June 18, 2011

Congresswoman Schmidt Honors Service of Veterans with Medal Ceremonies

US Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (OH-2) had services across her district honoring the service of veterans in giving out the medals earned by vets to their families. She had one in Adams County and one at the Union Twp. Center in Clermont County. That service was especially meaningful to me because both of my grandfathers were honored for their service in the military. Both my grandpas are gone now, with Mom's dad passing in 1993 and my dad's dad last year around this time. My maternal grandfather, George Paul "Buggs" Jones, served in the European theater of WWII as a truck driver in the Army. He also received the WWII victory medal along with lapel pin and a marksmanship award with carbine citation. My paternal grandfather, Horace L. "Henry" Garbett served from 1949 to 1952. He served in Asia in the Army as a medic and helped with studying malaria and water borne illness. He helped develop treatment and methods to save soldiers serving in Asia. I am so thankful, as were the other families honored, by the service of such men, who rarely talked about what they did. I am also thankful to Congresswoman Schmidt and her excellent staffers like Mr. Caraway and Ms. Lewis who helped put the event together and helped us families find out and get these treasures. From WCPO channel 9:

It was especially meaningful as this is Fathers Day weekend. I was glad my dad was also able to be there and get his father's medals. God bless all who served and who serve now.

There was also a story done over at Fox19.