Saturday, June 18, 2011

TIB All Stars Discuss and Stuff Happens: Stan Chesley Removed from OH Fannie Case

We discussed this last night on the TIB All Star Show and have mentioned in the past how OH Attorney General Mike DeWine is doing business with shady megatort lawyer Stan Chesley when it comes to lawsuits on behalf of the Buckeye State. Recently, the KY Bar Association recommended that Chesley be disbarred and the KY Supreme Court is looking into the recommendation. Well, after we bring the story up, politicians take action. Chesley has been removed from the Fannie Mae case:
Attorney Stan Chesley is already facing the loss of his licenses to practice in both Kentucky and Ohio, but now he could lose much more.

Chesley has now been pulled off of a potentially high profile case after a group in Kentucky recommended that he be disbarred. He was lead council for the case against mortgage company Fannie Mae. The class action law suit involves at least 30 million people across the country.

Tuesday, the Kentucky Bar Association's board of governors recommended his disbarment after they decided that Chesley may have lied or withheld information related to a settlement in the Fen-Phen case. Chesley is able to appeal the decision to the Supreme court.

A spokesperson for Mike Dewine's office says Chesley will be pulled from other cases as well.

Stan Chesley is a dirtbag sheister who represents the conniving, corrupt, ambulance chasing disease that infests the legal system. Kudos to Mikey for removing him. Better late than never....