Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VIDEO: Boehner Highlights GOP Bills to Create Jobs, Boost Economy

“Today the House is going to consider two more jobs bills. As Jeb pointed out, the one that would open up and streamline the regulatory requirements for production of energy in Alaska. The other, the patent bill. Both bills are part of our plan to get government out of the way, get the economy going, and get people back to work.

“Listen, job creation has been our focus since day one.  We’ve voted to pay down debt, we voted to expand energy production, and we have voted to stop the excessive regulations that are coming out of this Administration.

“Democrats think that spending money that we don’t have is the only way to create jobs. Well guess what: we tried that. It’s called the ‘stimulus.’ And guess what: it didn’t work. We don’t need more spending, taxing, and regulating; what we need to do is to get government out of the way so the private sector can do what they do best: invest and create jobs.”