Monday, July 11, 2011

20th Ohio Senate District Update

When State Senator Jimmy Stewart decided to step down, it opened up the seat to a large group of Republicans seeking to fill it.

Most notable among the names of those who will be visiting the Senate caucus panel tomorrow are St. Rep. Troy Balderson and perennial candidate Jeanette Moll.

Balderson has scored a perfect 100 on the WMD Ohio Legislator Scorecard.

Moll has run for Congress. Twice. Lost in the primary both times. It wouldn't surprise me if she has run for other offices, but the congressional runs are what put her on WMD's radar.

The Also Rans... for this appointment: Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson, Meigs County Commissioner Mike Bartum and a Guernsey County trustee, Donald Warnock.

Of the Also Rans..., Jill Thompson is a name you might recall as being particularly obnoxious during the primary for State Auditor in the last cycle.