Monday, July 11, 2011

On Boehner, the Tea Party, and the Debt Ceiling

It is good to see that my friend Tom Blumer of is finally getting around to seeing that House Speaker, my congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- is deserving of some credit for sticking to principles that he has held his entire time in Congress...but that's not why you came here.

One of the things that really irks me about the Tea Party is that they never admit that they are wrong about people who serve us in government when they do stick to the principles that the Tea Party support. Boehner has been a long-time advocate of smaller government, lower taxes, and less spending. We can quibble about his record and a vote here or there, but on the whole, Boehner has been with us far more than he has been against us. But to listen to our friends in the Tea Party movement, Boehner is as much the enemy as President Obama and the other socialists in the Democratic Party in Washington.

Every time an issue comes up, and it is getting to the point where it really doesn't matter what the issue is, the Tea Party "leaders" fire up their troops in to a frenzy of Boehner Hatin' and then forget to issue any statement of support for the principles by which he makes his decisions.

As much as the Tea Party's irrational outbursts disturb me, I am even more upset with intellectual giants like Joe Hallett who can't seem to understand that We the People can spend our money better than government. it is absolutely no wonder that the Tea Party folks are so ticked off at Republicans, most people still get their news and views from mental midgets like Hallett and his co-conspirators in the 527 Media.

The conclusion of the exercise in stupidity betrays the level of understanding Hallett has of what the Tea Party is all about:
The tea party has done the nation a tremendous service by insisting that it come to grips with unsustainable government spending. Its influence on the federal debt-ceiling debate has been undeniable.

Yet, tea partiers' opposition to raising tax revenue as part of any long-term deal to put the nation on a sound financial footing has stymied progress. House Republicans are so scared of the tea party's outsized influence in GOP primary elections that their leaders virtually are precluded from compromise.

"People elected this past November have been told that if you do certain things you said you weren't going to do (raise taxes), you're done," Zawistowski said. "We're going to take you out. We put you in, and we'll take you out."

Such chest-thumping is belied by Zawistowski's insistence that the tea party is not against taxes: "We want to pay taxes, but we just feel that it's gotten out of control. In our world, we understand that we have only so much money. In (politicians') world, if you don't spend it, you don't get it next year."

Federal tax collections are at their lowest level as a percentage of the economy in 60 years. After a 21 percent income-tax reduction, the state is collecting $2 billion less a year than it did in 2005. Eventually, "only so much money" becomes not enough to pull the country out of debt and provide services even tea partiers say they want.

This movement - political or cultural - still confuses me.
That's right, Joe, those wacky Tea Partiers aren't totally anti-tax...they just realize that we have been Taxed Enough Already.

Joe, let me try to explain this to you with an analogy you might understand. Our economy is a pie. You like pie, right? People like you, think our one little pie is all that there is. TEA Party people recognize that there are ways of increasing the amount of pie available to be consumed. President Bush, when he was a candidate for POTUS, once said, "Make the pie higher." And that is one way... You could add a layer to the pie. One could maximize the performance of the economy through greater efficiency and productivity using the same pan to bake the pie. Another idea is to make the pie bigger. This requires using a bigger pan, we'll call this expanding small business and entrepreneurship. Either way, government bureaucrats sticking their hands out demanding more and more of our hard earned dollars is actually getting in the way of the baker who just wants to make a pie.

Basically, Joe, all you have to do to understand this is shut your pie-hole and open your mind to the reality that it is only throw growing our economy that we will reach a sustainable recovery. We can't spend our way out of a recession. excessive spending is what got us here in the first place.

UPDATE: Allow me to extend my remarks and add that it is very telling that the local TEA Party groups in Boehner's district tend to support him. Overwhelmingly. I was reminded of the "national" TEA Party yahoos who claim to want to primary Boehner. Which is completely ridiculous and betraying their inexperience and arrogance. Boehner represents this district VERY well and any challenger would find it virtually impossible to defeat him. Sheriff Spotlight, a TEA Party charlatan, keeps talking trash; but you'll notice he runs away like a little girl when the rubber meets the road...just saying.