Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kasich "Simply Thrilled" About Chesapeake Energy's New Gas Discovery in Ohio

COLUMBUS – Today Gov. John R. Kasich released the following statement in response to Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s announcement that shale deposits in eastern Ohio contain vast amounts of recoverable natural gas and other hydrocarbons:
“This is huge news for Ohioans and I’m simply thrilled to hear it.  I’m especially glad that this can mean a shot-in-the-arm for eastern Ohio.  For more than a year I’ve monitored the shale issue to be ready in the event of good news like this, and soon after taking office I brought together the relevant agencies to begin crafting policies that maximize both job creation and environmental stewardship.  These and other shale-related issues will be even more important to discuss now at September’s energy policy summit.
“Just as I’m excited about the direct benefit that can come from production-related jobs, I’m also excited about the potential for jobs at pipeline and processing facilities.  Equally important is how manufacturing and agriculture can benefit from new access to a plentiful, domestic energy source.  I believe that we could be at the beginning of a new and extended positive chapter in Ohio’s economy and it’s essential that we properly marshal our economic development, job training, environmental and regulatory assets to make this work right and work well for Ohio.”
Read Chesapeake’s announcement here.