Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ohio Fraternity House of Representatives

Your Delta Tau Chi name is in drinks like a.....

The more I hear about St. Rep. Jarrod Martin and his history with alcohol, the less convinced I am that his recent legal troubles aren't something we shouldn't concern ourselves.  The latest revelation regarding Martin is that last year, he was found in a very intoxicated state slumped over his vehicle in the statehouse parking garage.

I'm going to ask this question once again: Does ANYBODY still think it is a good idea to install a BAR at the state house?

Speaker Batchelder had better get his house in order quickly...and Chairman Kevin DeWine ought to take another look at the Zero Tolerance Policy too.  The rank and file are counting on the leaders of the party to do what they need to do to eliminate these kinds of problems.  We've tried sweeping things under a rug and hoping they will go away...that method only makes our problems worse.  Get out in front of this fiasco and actually Lead Ohio as you promised to do.

Patience with this nonsense is wearing thin...