Friday, July 29, 2011

Mike Scinto Gets It!

One of my radio heroes is Mike Scinto from the Dayton (OH) area.  Unfortunately most folks probably won't recognize his name but he was an influence on me back in the day and over on Facebook, I see that he still gets it:<blockquote>I live in John Boehner's district. He is my Congressman. He is the people's Speaker of the House. He is a consummate negotiator, a dedicated servant of the people and is standing up to Obama. Many in the Tea Party believe he is selling out.I subscribe to their ideals, they are the new kids on the block and want everything changed yesterday. It doesn't work that way. You fix what you can, when you can.
If you're against Boehner, who is giving his all, I am against you. Being naive is the fastest way to failure in D.C. Patience is a virtue. We will win but not overnight. You see there are just as many liberals who believe their way is the way. We disagree. They outnumber us in two of the three venues necessary to change policy. We need to be willing to compromise to play or we'll be sent home. John Boehner knows that. He is a true PATRIOT. </blockquote> Right on.