Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obama's Kin Call Him Liar Over Mama's Healthcare Drama

Dr. Milton Wolf puts Obama in the pantheon of political liars like John Kerry,Bill Clinton, and others:
“I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. … I have that memory which is seared - seared - in me,” claimed Sen. John F. Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, explaining the foundation of his anti-war politics. It was a lie. “Her breathing became labored and then she breathed her last breath,” explained an emotional Democratic Vice President Al Gore, claiming how his sister’s lung cancer death formed the foundation of his anti-tobacco politics. It was a lie.

“I have vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state when I was a child,” claimed Democratic President Bill Clinton, explaining the foundation of yet more government expansion. It was a lie.

But he goes on to excoriate Obama further in this scathing piece over at the Washington Times:
“I will never forget watching my own mother … worrying about whether her insurer would claim her illness was a pre-existing condition,” claimed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, explaining the foundation of Obamacare. This too was a lie.

Recent revelations by author Janny Scott in “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother” (Riverhead Hardcover, 2011), show that Stanley Ann Dunham, the president’s mother, was in fact well-insured and, what’s more, her health insurance company - those evil corporatists - never attempted to deny payment for her health care. Stanley Ann’s out-of-pocket expenses amounted to “several hundred dollars a month.” A year after her cancer diagnosis, Stanley Ann applied for disability insurance, for which she was understandably denied. Again, it was disability insurance, not health insurance.

Obama lied about this. A lie of omission is still a lie. How disgusting that a man would use his own mother's memory simply to put forth a controlling political agenda! Wolf continues:
Lessons learned from those tragic events now influence our national health care debate but, sadly, it’s clear that the president’s predetermined agenda disregarded the facts on the ground. What’s more, even the newly uncovered deception misses the bigger point of Stanley Ann’s health care, which I described:

“Thus he wrote in ‘Dreams from My Father’ that he lamented seeing his mother ‘suffering because of a broken [American] health care system.’ But he ignores the fact that in her hour of need, Stanley Ann, an intelligent, highly educated woman then living in Indonesia, chose America’s health care system above all others. And it wasn’t the system that failed her. In fact, she was quite fortunate to receive the best of care at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (and later the Straub Clinic in Hawaii).”

So, in other words, Obama is lying again. Pathetic, and it makes me wonder how much he really cares about his mom to use her memory simply to pass a piece of legislation, especially when that memory is a lie?

Are we to believe that Stanley Ann’s medical co-payments were beyond the means of her loving son, who by this time was a Harvard Law School graduate flush with a six-digit signing bonus for his first book? Moreover, are we as Americans to tear down the finest health care system in the world based on - let’s be honest enough to call them what they are - lies?

An excellent point. If Obama loved mama so much, where was his support of her? What was he doing to help ease her suffering and financial burden? Or was Michelle's diet of fried food and 1500 calorie a meal diet too much for him to pay for in addition to mama's health care?

However, as Wolf says, dishonoring the dead with lies is only the tip of the massive Lie Iceberg:
Dishonoring the dead with deception, as pathetic as that is, barely scratches the surface of the Obamacare falsehoods. You can keep your current doctor: Lie. You can keep your current insurance: Lie. Hearings will be made public: Lie. The deficit will be reduced: Lie. Four hundred thousand jobs will be created immediately: Lie. There are no death panels: Lie. Taxes won’t be increased on families earning less than $250,000 a year: Lie. And all of this comes before the first Obamacare waivers exempted the White House’s best friends from the rules that you must follow.

This degree of dishonesty is not merely taking a mulligan on the back nine or fudging a couple of pounds on your driver’s license. There’s something far more sinister at work here. America is being “fundamentally transformed” by deception, and the explanation is simple: demographics. In America, self-proclaimed conservatives outnumber liberals by a ratio of 2-to-1, according to Gallup, or, more recently, almost 3-to-1, according to Rasmussen. How else is a power-hungry ruling class to pry ever-more liberty from the people, other than to prey on Americans’ higher angels of compassion with the demon of deception?

Go check out the rest. It is a worthy and sobering read.