Friday, July 29, 2011

Rep. Jordan Statement on the Budget Control Act

Washington, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan released the following statement in regards to his decision to vote against the Budget Control Act of 2011:
“Just a few weeks ago, the Balanced Budget Amendment wasn’t even a part of the conversation, despite the overwhelming support it has among the American public.  Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of conservatives, it is now an integral part of the debate over how to solve America’s spending problem.”
“The growing momentum toward requiring Washington to actually balance its budget shows that House Republicans have connected with the American people.  Leading Democrats are another story.  Senator Reid and President Obama are still trying to fool the American people into thinking we can keep borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow.”
“I sincerely appreciate Speaker Boehner’s tireless work to achieve real spending cuts without tax increases, and I know there will be good conservatives on both sides of this vote.”
“If this bill becomes law, rest assured that Americans will insist that the promise of sending a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states be kept.  Unfortunately, Senator Reid plans to strip out the Balanced Budget Amendment requirement or let this bill die altogether.  If he does so, let’s remember that a bipartisan group of 234 House members already passed a responsible Cut, Cap, and Balance compromise plan to protect our AAA credit rating and solve the country’s debt problems.”