Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Waiting on Ohio Republican Party to Call for Mecklenborg's Resignation...

Hey Chairman Kevin DeWine, remember that little document called "Leading Ohio" you authored? Remember how there was one item called zero tolerance? Remember how you talked about integrity, etc.?

We at WMD are Still Waiting on you to call for the immediate resignation of Rep. Robert Mecklenborg from his position. Are you going to lead Ohio or just be Jon Husted's little frat buddy? Are you going to stand for something or are you just going to leave values twisting in the wind?

Oh, and Mr. Eyebrow, Speaker Batchelder, don't think we have forgotten about you. Your statement on the Mecklenborg matter was quite tame and toothless. Let's see some of that vaunted spine, vim and vinegar I have heard so much about. You have had several days. The man was driving drunk, on expired license, with an exotic dancer and his blood full of viagra. Oh yeah, and he's married with kids, too. Doesn't that go against what you two intellectual giants want the GOP in Ohio to stand for?

Or was all the talk about cleaning things up just more political posturing?

Oh, and chairman Alex of Hamilton County, where do you stand on this situation, or are you still "assessing" it?

We are waiting, gentlemen.....

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