Tuesday, August 02, 2011

More Mecklenborg Mayhem

Seems like Stiffy McDrinkypoo is in more trouble with the State Patrol. Lying on a government document, anyone? From WKRC in Cincinnati:
The Ohio State Patrol gets involved in the investigation into a former state lawmaker who faces d-u-i charges.

The State Patrol says investigators will try to determine if Robert Mecklenborg broke the law when he applied for an Ohio driver's license four days after his arrest on drunk driving charges in Indiana.

The application for a renewal says that he was not facing any pending motor vehicle citations.

The State Patrol will turn over the findings to the prosecutor's office to determine if charges will be filed.

Will Kevin DeWine take a stand on this issue? Doubtful.

Oh, and Just some further thought Kevin. In case you thought just us grassroots liars and noisemakers were the only ones who noted the silence from your office and the hypocrisy regarding your rush to take a stand on Anthony Weiner, think again:
Ohio GOP Forgets Its Zero Tolerance Pledge After Three Members Get In Trouble With The Law

See, Kev, other people remember that part of the Leading Ohio document you whitewashed and scrubbed. Oh, and it isn't just lefties, but magazines like CityBeat calliing you a hypocrite also:
But in the days and weeks since Mecklenborg’s arrest became publicized through the media, the state GOP has been curiously silent about the matter.

The muted reaction is a far cry from what occurred in early June, when Ohio Republican leaders felt a pressing need to weigh in on the texting controversy surrounding then-Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who sent photos of his penis to females through Twitter and the Internet.

Even though Weiner hadn’t been charged a crime, Christopher Maloney, the Ohio Republican Party’s communications director, issued an overheated public statement urging U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) to call for Weiner’s resignation.

“Talk is cheap,” Maloney said in the June 9 statement. “It’s time for Sherrod Brown to walk the walk when it comes to draining Washington’s ‘ethical swamp’; it’s time for him to join his fellow candidates for U.S. Senate, and Democratic Party peers, in calling for Anthony Weiner’s resignation. Sherrod Brown sits on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics. As long as Sen. Brown intends on continuing to incorporate ethics and good government into his 2012 campaign platform, he should join with his Democratic colleagues and provide Ohioans with an answer on whether Anthony Weiner should resign his seat in Congress.”

Ironically, Mecklenborg — a self-styled “family values” conservative on social issues — is a member of the Ohio House’s Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

CityBeat sent an email to Maloney and Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine earlier this month, asking them why the party hadn’t made an official statement about Mecklenborg’s arrest. Specifically, the email asked whether the party thinks Mecklenborg should resign. Also, it asked if party leaders were aware of the arrest when it occurred in April. If not, it asks if Mecklenborg should’ve informed them. And if they were aware, the email asks why the party didn’t inform the public.

Neither Maloney nor DeWine have replied.

Way to help change that tarnished image, Kevin....nice way to lead...from the rear, as usual.