Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Re: Boehner and Debt Ceiling....etc.

Here is how I think many of us (except Matt) feel about Boehner and the so-called leadership of the Republican Party in Washington:

This "deal" has done nothing really substantive. All it has done is given Obama a large check (and today's speech shows he intends to use it) and the Dems cover. Spending and the debt is now off the table, thanks to Mr. BONER having less of a spine than I thought, guess he has more in common with Barry than just golf and smoking. Taxes ARE going to be raised, or the triggers in this travesty get turned on. Harry Reid said it, many people have said it. Yet BONER and B**** McConnell go out there trumpeting the triumph. The more I look at this "deal", the angrier I get. But I will not slander BONER as Mark Levin has done, accusing him of trying to influence redistricting to get Jim Jordan out. I won't do that. I will say this: Sir, you have shown yourself to be nothing more than a typical ruling class republican, thinking you can fool us with accounting tricks. For shame sir, we expected better. This will be remembered when you are up for House Speaker again, and we will let our Reps know you cannot be trusted.