Friday, August 12, 2011

More Tea Party Trouble

Another email hit my inbox from a different source than the other one. Tells the same story though...
I wanted to follow-up on [REDACTED]'s email after I attended a meeting last night at [REDACTED]. I would support [REDACTED]'s comments about "what has happen to the Tea Party". It is clear to me that their has been a creation of a select committee that is calling themselves members of the "Tea Party" and trying to represent everyone. This was evident last night. The only people they are representing is themselves and their best interest (they are not representing me). They do not try to educate (which is what the Tea Party was about) no, they promote themselves and the individuals that "the group" has selected to run for office. These are the observations from last nights meeting.

> 1. The meeting was lead by two individuals that were selected by "the group" not the Tea Party to run for selected positions in [REDACTED].
> 2. A list of names were read that "the group" has selected to run for office in [REDACTED] County. Yes the names of the "group members" were read. This is how it work (shaddy to say the least)
> 3. A challenge was made about this "group" and how they "endorse" individuals and a long answer was provided by [REDACTED] (a member of the group) but many of us in attendance left with more conviction that this group is trying to promote their selected individuals and own agenda and losing the true purpose of the Tea Party.
> 4. [REDACTED] presented information about the [REDACTED] but after calling the County office this morning to confirm his statements they were found to be incomplete
> 5. In speaking with other Tea Party members at the meeting it was brought to my attention that this group has "special" meetings to organize their agenda for themselves.
> 6. The conduct of some individuals were unprofessional and was embarrassing to all residents of [REDACTED]County

Many of us left the meeting last night schraching our heads because of the poor decisions of the special group to promote themselves and how it has driven people away from what was once a good idea.

With these observations and the unsettling thoughts of many of us that are members of The Tea Party I would encourage every "member" of the select group to stop and to take their personal agenda and leave the Tea Party. You are destroying what was good. We have many members that will step up and keep the Tea Party in [REDACTED] County running.

It is not about self promoting it is about educating and communicating how to make a difference for America not yourself.
Now, some folks will claim that this is just some crank who has a favorite candidate of their own and that the Tea Party has the purest of intentions and shouldn't be questioned.

That would NOT be me.

Tea Party "leaders", I implore you: get back to the basics and leave the politics to the professionals. You aren't very good at it and your true colors are showing.