Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WMD Comments/Brown County Update: Varnau Supporter Thug Ruins Things for Everybody

You know, some people just don't get what we do here at WMD. They actually think we are journalists. We never make that claim. We are not journalists. We are commentators. We have an opinion and we share it. Up until today, we even took others' opinions and let them be seen on our site. No longer. Why? An anonymous coward has posted hatespeech and threats against persons on the comments.

We here at WMD use insult and mocking as a way of making news funny or just trying to add some spice to a story. I don't think calling a guy who has lost in court 3/4 times and got his rear spanked by the electorate of Brown County a loser is insulting. It is....a fact. In those races, he was a loser. You would think someone who wants to be in the arena of politics would be used to such hateful things. But, if this is the type of support the man engenders as seen in the following redacted comments, then you have to question who Varnau is to get such cretins to follow him:

I've a better idea. I know where you live in *******, and I know Mr. Varnau. I'll show him where you live and have him stop by and talk to you about this. He'll gladly come to you if you are afraid to contact him. You can then explain to him why you called him a loser and other things over the last couple of years on this court case.?

Really? Are we in 3rd grade? I will get him to come by and threaten you. Hey, Varnau has posted comments here and I have addressed them in the past. I call him a sore loser because he got beat and can't accept it. But let's continue with the intellectual genius of this anonymous bully:
Hey dip****. You're the coward. Varnau said he has never been contacted by you ever. You talk about cowards! You're just a POS wantabee that has no life. Can't wait until the supreme court makes you eat crow and all the droppings that go along with it.

Again, I don't need to contact Varnau to get his story. I have seen his website. I have talked to people who know the case. Mr. Varnau has posted comments here. And, what is a wantabee? I have a life. It isn't perfect, but it is a blessed life. I have my friends, family, and some people who care to read what I write. I put my name with my writing. What about you? Hmm? But wait, there's more:
I've got a copy of all the comments I sent you, including the ones you did not publish. I'm going to make sure Varnau gets a copy too. Maybe he will publish them on his website to expose how you operate the rag you call WMD. You're a joke with no credibility.

Hey, have at it. Just make sure he links to us so we can get some traffic off of it. And please, if he references or quotes us, make sure to link. Otherwise, that might be a bit of a copyright issue. No credibility? Well, I will leave that to the readers. I will leave that to the elected officials of both parties who give me compliments even when they disagree. As for being a joke, I like a good one. But oh wait, this one continues:
What I figured. All hot air, no guts, just hide behind your computer keyboard, acting like you are a man, when in fact you are mommy's boy, hiding behind her skirt. You call people names all day long eveyday but can't do it to their face. Morbidly obese and wimpy. Can't take your own medicine.

You claim to know where I live, so how can I be hiding? And, I don't act like a man. I am one. And yes, I am my mother's boy. So what? I don't call people names all day long, I work for a living. And I have called people names to their face. Yeah, I am fat. Whoopty doo. You are classless. I can change my weight but you can't change your pathetic lack of class and creativity and courage. I take my meds everyday, thank you. But oh wait, there is some more from this clown:
Matt G******, lives with ***** in ******.

See, this moron can't even get my name right. Matt didn't write this, I did. And like I have never heard or read such a remarkably dull and silly bastardization of my name. Hey, you know what the root of that word I just used is, right? And who cares who I live with or where? I like it and you don't have to.

You forgot to publish what I sent you before comment #5. Why is it so difficult for you to be an honest "journalist?" And you hold yourself out as a minister too? What a joke!

OK, again, not a journalist. And I don't "hold myself out" as a minister. What does that even mean? How does one hold oneself out? Sounds kinda bad, really. According to the Bible, all Christians are to be ministers to one another, ministering to each others spiritual and other needs. Again, seeing your incredible vocabulary, who are you to judge?

Do us all a favor and grow up yourself. I will let these guys tell you what we think of you and your ilk here at WMD:

Seriously, Mr. Varnau, are these the type of people you would want supporting you? If so, sad.

So, dear regulars of WMD--no more comments. I would refer you to this clown's email, but he/she wasn't brave enough to post such things. Maybe look up Mr. Varnau's email and/or phone number and thank him for having such kooks as his followers. If you want to contact us, you will have to do it via email by going to the sidebar. Sorry for the inconvenience.