Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DOC: Schools Estimated Savings Under SB5


Mark's Remarks

I, Mark, received this doc at work from sources deep within the bowels of Columbus, per a request I have had on the burner for a while. Note, my fellow Brown Countians, the savings our schools will have to hire MORE teachers, to reduce class size, etc. Note, my dear neighbors in Clermont, the savings your school districts will have to do the same. I would think an organization that represents teachers would be behind such a proposal, to get more teachers into jobs, but that is not what the teachers unions are about, evidently.

Also, to those ticked off with my representative Danny Bubp: this shows he was justified in his vote IN FAVOR OF SB5, with the changes the House made to the bill. Is it perfect? No. But when asked to negotiate, the unions just didn't show. Therefore, this is the best we have and we should go for it. The districts would save so much money that could be used to hire more people, and isn't that good for the kids?