Thursday, September 08, 2011

Energy for Ohio Jobs

Columbus, OH – Today, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) announced the formation of a new coalition “Energy for Ohio Jobs” that will promote policies that ensure Ohio’s ability to access affordable, reliable power through coal. Energy for Ohio Jobs supports reasonable environmental regulation that continues the pursuit of cleaner air while balancing economic priorities.

The Energy for Ohio Jobs coalition is deeply concerned about the impact of new regulations under consideration by the Environmental Protection Agency on electricity costs and reliability. We want to continue the environmental progress made in recent decades in a manner that does not jeopardize our economic recovery, unnecessarily increase electricity costs, or threaten the reliability of our electricity system.

“Energy for Ohio Jobs knows we can have both a strong economy and a clean environment,” said Kevin Schmidt, Director, Public Policy Services, Ohio Manufacturer’s Association, and a member of the coalition. “The EPA should take a more balanced approach to these regulations, without unnecessarily raising electricity rates and costing us valuable Ohio jobs.”

Energy for Ohio Jobs believes that access to affordable energy is essential to a high quality of life. The United States has a 200-year supply of energy contained in American coal reserves. Coal is particularly important in Ohio because it is used to generate more than 80% of the electricity in the state.
Energy for Ohio Jobs is committed to a cleaner environment. Coal-fueled electricity continues to make great progress in improving its environmental footprint. Nationally, since 1970, emissions that traditionally have been controlled under the Clean Air Act have been reduced by more than 80% per unit of electricity produced.

More about Energy for Ohio Jobs can be found here.