Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About That Issue 2 Ad

This is a pretty good ad, but I do have a problem with it...

Once again, the Old Guard left over from the Bennett regime that are currently running the Better Ohio pro-Issue 2 campaign have -- once again -- shown a total lack of respect for copyright law. This is something of a regular occurrence for these folks...

Furthermore, I really don't like the misrepresentation of this woman who appeared in the anti ad. She doesn't support Issue 2. Instead of twisting her words, call her out on position. Demonstrate why she is wrong in 30 seconds. If you can't do that without perverting HER POSITION, then you aren't the marketing geniuses that you think you are.

That doesn't mean that the content of the ad is wrong though. Because the ad is pretty solid on the facts and is exactly the sort of ad that Better Ohio should be running.

If you are interested in the squabble, check out 3BP's post on the subject here.

UPDATE: Better Ohio doubles down. Who didn't see THAT coming???