Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CSI Ohio Facilitates Change in BWC Classification to Small Businesses

Columbus – Lt. Governor Mary Taylor today announced that CSI Ohio: The Common Sense Initiative and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) worked together to reverse a change in classification of deputy registrars that was increasing premiums for these small business owners by 975 percent over the previous year.

“This is a great example of CSI Ohio bringing a state agency together with our business community to solve a problem,” said Taylor. “The reclassification of deputy registrars may seem like a small change, but it has a tremendous impact on the survival of these small businesses.”

Ohio Deputy Registrars are independent businesses who compete for contracts from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to manage government transactions such as drivers’ licenses and automobile titles. Despite being classified for years as “clerical” for the purpose of workers’ compensation premiums, registrars have recently been reclassified as “retail” in a series of audits conducted by BWC. Retail businesses have significantly higher premiums.

Listening to both sides, Lt. Governor Taylor’s CSI Ohio office questioned whether deputy registrars were actually equivalent to retail businesses. CSI Ohio facilitated a discussion between the Deputy Registrar Association and BWC, after which BWC agreed to research the matter further, and ultimately decided to adopt a new classification to cover these types of operations. The new classification will be based directly on the actual experience ratings of deputy registrars, which will lead to much lower – and more fair – premium amounts.

“If government is going to help business thrive in Ohio, we have to look at ways to regulate with common sense,” said BWC Administrator/CEO Stephen Buehrer. “We’re pleased to work with the deputy registrar industry to ensure their workers’ compensation premiums accurately reflect the risk they bring to our system.”

Ohio Deputy Registrar Association president Aldo Filippelli praised the cooperation between CSI Ohio and BWC, stating, “It is because of Lt. Governor Taylor’s dedication, outreach, and leadership that I attribute the return of deputy registrars to a more appropriate classification.”

CSI Ohio was launched on January 10, 2011 by Gov. John R. Kasich to reform Ohio’s regulatory policies to help make Ohio a jobs and business-friendly state. CSI Ohio is reviewing Ohio’s regulatory system to eliminate excessive and duplicative rules and regulations that stand in the way of job creation. Ohioans with ideas on cutting this red tape are encouraged to visit the CSI website and submit their ideas at