Monday, November 21, 2011

COAST Chooses Vendetta over Its Own Principles...

But then again, don't they always? What am I talking about? The primary battle between incumbent US Congresswoman of the 2nd District Jean Schmidt, versus her abortion supporting but yet proclaimed pro-life challenger "Dr." Brad Wenstrup. COAST hates Jean Schmidt because she is a woman and they so wanted Tom Brinkman in the US Congress. COAST supposedly stands against wasteful spending by governments and government agencies. By this very nature, they should oppose Dr. Wenstrup. To wit:
The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes criticized “liberal democrats” on the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners who voted to approve $26,000 in funding to Planned Parenthood in 2008.
The “policy of funding the abortion provider (is) a misuse of tax funds,” COAST said.

So what does COAST think about the $85,000 in taxpayer money that Dr. Brad Wenstrup and the rest of the Cincinnati Health Board recently gave to the same Planned Parenthood?:
Wenstrup’s board specified that the tax money is to be used “strictly for HIV/AIDS testing and prevention.”

Can you say cop out, boys and girls? I thought you could. COAST just hates Jean Schmidt, they don't care about funding. They just want somebody to take her down.

Planned Parenthood said the tax money also will go for outreach to what it called the “men who have sex with men” population – including those in local jails.
Does that make it less of “misuse of tax funds”?

COAST has shown time and again that except when it comes to defeating school levies, they don't much care about their principles, especially if it means getting rid of their hated enemy Jean Schmidt. Yes, the very same Jean Schmidt who knows that supporting Planned Parenthood with tax dollars is not pro life. The same Jean Schmidt rated the 6th most conservative member of the entire US House! Somehow Dr. Wenstrup thinks supporting an institution that covers up Child Rape as Planned Parenthood sought to do (previously reported on WMD) is being pro life!

We all know that a taxpayer dollar into Planned Parenthood's front pocket allows for a dollar out of their back pocket to fund another abortion. Evidently, the good doctor Wenstrup does not...or he doesn't care....AND NEITHER DOES COAST.

Jean Schmidt may not be perfect, but she has worked hard to serve the people of her district and at least she seems to understand what the meaning of pro life is.

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