Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greater Cincinnati Right to Life Doesn't Agree with Dr. Wenstrup

From the Greater Cincinnati Right to Life Website:
City Board of Health Funds Planned Parenthood - Approves Subgrant Up to $85,000

November 16, 2011--At its May 24, 2011 meeting, the Cincinnati Board of Health voted unanimously to give a sub-grant of up to $85,000 to abortion provider, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio. This is a reallocation of funds from Stop AIDS, which was defunded by the state after an independent audit, for Planned Parenthood to use for HIV/AIDS testing and prevention. Stop AIDS counselors will work for Planned Parenthood.

Though no government funding is to be used for abortion, funds to Planned Parenthood for any reason frees funds for other programs. (Note: Congress and some states are investigating Planned Parenthood because of this plus other concerns, such as increasing evidence of ignoring suspected statutory rape of minor girls seeking abortions, as well as covering for sex traffickers; evidence and confirmation in some states of Medicaid fraud, and more.)

Significantly, both Planned Parenthood and Stop AIDS support and do not discourage the sexual practices that give rise to the terrible disease of AIDS. This funding simply applies a bandaid to a gaping wound.

Board of Health members present at this meeting were Ms. Joyce Kinley, Dr. Jeff Lange, Dr. Wael Safi, Dr. Richard Schwen, Dr. Donna Shambley-Ebron (left at 7:40 p.m.), and Dr. Brad Wenstrup.

So, is Doc Wenstrup going to say Greater Cincinnati Right to Life is not really pro life? The good doctor needs to go back to school. He couldn't even beat Mark Mallory for Mayor. Now, he wants to misrepresent the record and claim he is a pro life conservative when this vote and his use of George Soros attack dogs shows he is not conservative or a follower of the 11th commandment. He is not worthy of endorsement.....