Wednesday, November 23, 2011

While Wenstrup Gives Grants to Child Rape Cover Up Artists at Planned Parenthood.....

Jean Schmidt is recognized as actually being pro life:
Rep. Schmidt praised for perfect voting record on pro-family issues

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt has been named a “True Blue Member” of Congress for her perfect voting record in favor of pro-family and pro-life issues.
Representative Schmidt scored 100 percent on recorded votes in the first session of the 112th Congress, according to Family Research Council Action and CitizenLink. She was one of only 54 of the 435 House members to receive a perfect score. Of the 18 House members from Ohio, Congresswoman Schmidt was one of just four to score 100 percent.
Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action, commended Congresswoman Schmidt and the other True Blue Members for voting “consistently to defend faith, family and freedom.”
"I applaud their commitment to uphold the institutions of marriage and family," Perkins said. Congresswoman Schmidt has “voted to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, end government funding for abortion within the health care law, (and) uphold the Defense of Marriage Act.”
Congresswoman Schmidt, a Republican from Miami Township, said she was honored to be recognized for her stalwart support of issues important to families throughout Southern Ohio.
“I’m proud to represent the values of people who live in the Second Congressional District, and I will not waiver in my commitment to them,” Congresswoman Schmidt said.

Again, how can someone who gets a 100% voting record on life issues not be pro life, but someone who voted to give a grant to an organization that covered up child rape and kills babies call themselves pro life? Wenstrup is not telling the truth, or he is deluded, or he is just another Schmidt hater. Whichever, not deserving of the office or ANY endorsements!