Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Supposed "Strong Conservative" Wenstrup Uses Soros Attack Dogs to Smear Jean Schmidt

Would a conservative ever use a group funded by George Soros and proven to be nothing more than muckrakers as sources against a fellow Republican? Would someone who believed in Reagan's 11th commandment use such a source? The answer to both questions is no. However, Brad Wenstrup continues to say he is a strong conservative and a follower of the 11th commandment, even as he engages in hyperbole and using a George Soros funded group to attack Jean Schmidt. I mean, this guy is looking more and more like Paul Hackett all the time. The guy is trying to be one thing while his record shows something entirely different. In his letter seeking the endorsement of the Brown County GOP central committee, Mr. Wenstrup says that "Congresswoman Schmidt was recognized by a prominent non-partisan group in Washington (Citizens for Repsonbility and Ethics) as one of the most corrupt members of Congress." Well, who is this group? Glad you asked. Firstly, they are actually known as Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW. The are also an arm of George Soros's liberal attack machine:
If you haven’t heard of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), then consider yourself lucky. They are a George Soros funded leftwing organization who push the limits of their nonprofit status on a daily basis.

Their main responsibility as an attack dog for George Soros is to take down as many Republicans, especially conservatives, as humanly possible by accusing them of blatantly false indecencies. Recently, the Center for Consumer Freedom launched an attack of their own, challenging CREW’s proclaimed impartiality. The Daily Caller reports:
“An analysis of CREW’s activities demonstrates that it disproportionately targets conservatives by a ratio of more than 8-to-1,” the Center’s site explains. “At the same time, the corresponding federal oversight agencies responsible for investigating CREW’s complaints indicates that, historically, Democrats have been investigated far more often for ethics violations.”

The Capital Research Center’s Fred Lucas points out, too, that CREW has not disclosed its roster of donors. “What is known about CREW’s funding does not cast it in an independent and nonpartisan light,” Lucas wrote. “Two groups affiliated with George Soros have been big contributors to CREW. In a 2006 interview Sloan revealed that the Open Society Institute, a grantmaker founded by Soros, contributed $100,000 to CREW. The Democracy Alliance, another Soros creation, helped launch CREW.”
To further illustrate their partisanship, take a look at a typical headline that you will find on CREW’s website:
Senator John Kerry Does the Right Thing
Compared to:
CREW Congratulates August’s Scoundrel of the Month: Governor Rick Perry
Very impartial, isn’t it?

CREW is headed by Melanie Sloan, a Democratic operative. She is a smarmy loud mouth cut from the same cloth as Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She has spent her lifetime working for Democrats and Democratic causes.

They also have a history of sticking up for disgraced Democrats. They were one of the few organizations who backed Rep. Anthony Weiner after his perverted Internet sex scandal. Now they are sticking up for disgraced former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards. Remember him? He’s the guy who had a love child with his mistress behind the back of his cancer stricken wife. He was indicted in June for using illegal campaign contributions to hide his mistress from the public.

Just hearing the name “John Edwards” makes my skin crawl. But CREW thinks he’s just peachy:
“Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, requested Wednesday to file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of dismissing an indictment against Edwards for alleged violations of campaign finance law.
This is the first time that CREW has supported dismissal of a case against a politician.

“In June, a federal grand jury indicted Edwards on six counts: conspiracy, four counts of illegal campaign contributions and one count of false statements. He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count if convicted.

“The indictment claims that the payments Edwards’ mistress, campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, received from his two friends, Rachel Mellon and Fred Baron, were campaign contributions intended to keep her and their baby in hiding during the 2008 presidential election.

“Here, the government argues Ms. Mellon and Mr. Baron paid Ms. Hunter’s expenses to allow Sen. Edwards to maintain his image as a ‘family man’ by hiding his affair from the American public,” she [Melanie Sloan] said.

“So under this theory, paying the expenses of the mistress of a known philanderer wouldn’t be a campaign contribution, while covering such costs for the girlfriend of someone who presents himself as a loyal husband is. That can’t be right.“
Even if you believe the charges are phony, what is the motivation to go out of your way to file motions for him? John Edwards is a millionaire and a lawyer and doesn’t need the help of some fly by night Soros Attack organization. CREW is making a point where they stand politically. They are throwing it in the face of the IRS and the American people by continuing their charade as a “nonpartisan” and “nonprofit” organization. They want the publicity and they want other liberal public officials to know that CREW and George Soros will have their back in times of need.

It just isn’t that shocking anymore to see how low the left will go to protect their own but it is still quite sickening.

Why anyone who claims to be a conservative would trust an organization with such a shoddy record is beyond me...unless that is all he has....but wait, check out these looks at Wenstrups letter:

Mr. Wenstrup lashes into Jean for supporting the debt ceiling deal....but many republicans and conservatives did as well....his reason? "It virtually guaranteed that taxypayer dollars would continue flowing to planned parenthood."

This is an awful hypocritical position, especially, as WMD has reported, that as a member of the Cincinnati Board of Health, he gave money to Planned Parenthood, money that allows them to spend their other assets on covering up child rape and killing more babies. However, that is a noble compromise to Mr. Wenstrup, who sinks to using his sister's plight with leukemia as a crutch to defend his sorry position. Sorry, Brad, not buying it. And neither should the good people of the 2nd district, especially those in central committees with endorsement power. Wenstrup doesn't know what pro life is, uses Soros attack dogs, and makes circular arguments with great moral equivalency. Sounds exactly like someone who couldn't even beat pathetic Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.....