Thursday, November 10, 2011

Traitor Niehaus on Right To Work Proposed Amendment

(Columbus) - Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus issued the following statement today regarding a proposed Right to Work constitutional amendment:

“We just finished a very divisive and contentious election, and Ohioans made it clear they want us to be more deliberate in our approach to major reform. We need to work to build consensus on the direction we take from here.

Job creation remains our number one priority. Too many Ohioans are out of work, and we need do to everything possible to make our state more competitive. We have made incredible progress this year in eliminating an $8 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes. Ohio has saved or created more than 40,000 jobs, and we now rank fifth in the nation in job creation. I look forward to working together with my legislative colleagues to keep that momentum going.”
Sounds to me as if he is saying "Ah...thanks, but no thanks." This tool needs to retire sooner rather than later...