Friday, December 02, 2011

Jean Schmidt Endorsed by Brown County Republicans and Other GOP groups

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt was endorsed for re-election Thursday night (December 1) by the Brown County Republican Party’s Central Committee, and she also recently won the backing of GOP organizations in nearby counties.

“Jean Schmidt has been a friend to Brown County since taking office six years ago,” Brown County Commissioner Rick Eagan said in recommending that she be endorsed by members of the Republican Party’s Central Committee, who gathered December 1 at the Southern Hills Vocational School in Georgetown.

“I’m pleased to receive the support of the local Republican Party, and I’m honored to represent Brown County ’s interests and conservative values in our nation’s capital,” said Congresswoman Schmidt, who earlier this year was named the sixth most conservative of the 435 members of the U.S. House, based on her voting record. “I believe in fiscal discipline, but I am just as conservative on social issues.”

Congresswoman Schmidt, who grew up on a farm in her native Clermont County , takes the time to visit often with Brown County residents, business owners, and elected officials, Eagan noted. “Her energy is obvious to all, and I can vouch for Jean’s good heart and character,” he said. “She represents our conservative values, and she works hard on our behalf.”

Congresswoman Schmidt was endorsed for re-election last month in separate meetings of the central committees of the Adams County Republican Party (November 16) and the Scioto County Republican Party (November 1).

She also won the majority of endorsement votes of members of the Clermont County Republican Party’s Central Committee, which last month (November 16) named her “highly qualified” for re-election.

Ohio ’s Second Congressional district includes all or parts of seven counties.

“She brings a unique understanding of how to get things done at the federal level – because of her proven effectiveness at the state and local levels,” Eagan said. “Before serving four years in the Ohio House of Representatives, Jean was a township trustee for 11 years (in Clermont County ’s Miami Township ). So when our residents need help, Jean knows how to work with local officials.”

Congresswoman Schmidt said her re-election campaign is focusing on job-creation efforts, as well as easing burdensome regulations on businesses, cutting federal spending, keeping a lid on taxes, and pro-family values.

She was recently named one of only 54 True Blue Members of Congress for her perfect voting record in favor of pro-family and pro-life issues. Family Research Council Action cited her votes to end taxpayer funding of abortion, to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and to repeal Obamacare.