Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dennis the Menace Update: Ohio Supreme Court Says, YOU LOSE!

Dennis "the Menace" Varnau has lost his final battle (unless he wants to go to the US Supreme Court) regarding his quixotic and egotistical war against Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger. They have denied his appeal and the issue is finally done. More to come, but here is the initial story found online at
Varnau had initially filed a protest in 2008 against Wenninger's candidacy for sheriff when the two ran against each other in the November elections. In February of 2009, following a victory from Wenninger, Varnau filed a complaint in the court of appeals for a writ of quo warrant to oust Wenninger from office and to place Varnau in his stead, claiming he was the only qualified candidate for sheriff in the 2008 election. Varnau claimed Wenninger was not qualified since he initially took office in 2000.

Last year, the Ohio Court of Appeals decided that Wenninger's candidacy for sheriff in 2000 is irrelevant, and that due to serving as sheriff, Wenninger was qualified to run in 2008. On Jan. 18, Varnau filed an appeal asserting that the court of appeals erred in denying the writ of quo warranto. The Ohio Supreme Court disagreed with the appeal, according to court documents, stating that for Wenninger's qualifications to be debated, the issue should have been presented during his first term as sheriff.

More to follow...the Brown County Press story in print (not yet up online...grrr)gave more detail and had this gem..."Varnau did not return phone calls and could not be reached for comment." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH!

Look, I have no personal affection or bias toward Dwayne Wenninger. Yes, we are both Republicans, but I don't know the man beyond a few interactions over the years and by his record. Some good, some bad. But what I do know is that justice is finally served in that this egotistical elitist has been told that he cannot circumvent the will of the people retroactively and cannot be crowned sheriff. Guess Dennis and his cult will have to go hunt for the man in the grassy knoll or the book of secrets or Bigfoot.....

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