Friday, January 27, 2012

Schmidt Earns Manufacturing Honor

Sources close to me found this story, and felt like sharing...continuing to set the record straight regarding Jean Schmidt....
National Association of Manufactures ( NAM ) and Siemens Honor Congresswoman Jean Schmidt for Supporting a Pro-Manufacturing Agenda
Rep. Jean Schmidt Demonstrates Leadership and Support for Economic Growth and Job Creation

Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-OH) received the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence in recognition of her consistent support of manufacturers and their employees across the United States . The Award was presented last year, in recognition of her record in the 111th Congress, at an event sponsored by NAM member Siemens at its plant in Norwood, Ohio.

“On behalf of Siemens and our employees, I thank Congresswoman Schmidt for championing the causes that will help manufacturers thrive in Ohio and across the United States,” said Mark Cooksey, motor segment general manager, Drive Technologies Division, Siemens Industry, Inc. “We’re fortunate to have Jean Schmidt in our corner, advocating policies that will enable us to grow through innovation, job creation and sustainability efforts to stay ahead of global competition.”

“Congresswoman Schmidt supports common-sense policies that will enable manufacturers to create and maintain good high-paying jobs in Ohio and throughout America ,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “A vibrant manufacturing base is vital to getting our economy turned around and ensuring quality of life for all Americans. It is critical to have lawmakers like Congresswoman Schmidt whose actions consistently match their words when it comes to a pro-manufacturing agenda for economic growth and job creation.”

The National Association of Manufacturers is the largest manufacturing association in the United States , representing manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. Manufacturing has a presence in every single congressional district providing good, high-paying jobs.

The only thing I see about Brad Wenstrup's stewardship comes from a previous story regarding the Cincinnati Board of Health (you know, the board Brad serves on where he approves of giving money to Planned Parenthood and losing a grant the board held for 30 years:
State officials said the city was such a “poor” steward of the funds "there is not a way I could justify using taxpayer dollars to put money back in to the hands of the Cincinnati Health Department to do these programs," said William McHugh, the Ohio Department of Health's division of prevention chief.

Seems like someone is being a good steward and conservative...and someone is giving Planned Parenthood money...the same Planned Parenthood that stands accused of covering up child rape....