Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Duvelius Endorsed by Sheriff Sims and Most County Officials

The elected officials of Warren County have spoken, and spoken loudly, to endorse the candidacy of Chief Magistrate Carolyn Duvelius for Common Pleas Judge. The vast majority of County-wide elected officials, and a large number of local officials, are endorsing Duvelius. Endorsements include County Sheriff Larry Sims, County Commissioners Pat South and Tom Ariss, County Auditor Nick Nelson, County Treasurer Jim Aumann, County Recorder Beth Deckard, County Coroner Russell Uptegrove, County Engineer Neil Tunison and State Representative Ron Maag.

“The outpouring of support is humbling,” Chief Magistrate Duvelius told friends and supporters at a recent event. “To have the conservative leaders of Warren County unite to support my candidacy is an honor. I will continue to work hard to earn their confidence and make them proud.”

In addition to the support of the County wide officials, Duvelius has received the endorsements of local officials across the County. Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer and former Mason Mayor Don Prince are just a few of the growing list of public figures to come out in support of Duvelius.

“This is not about politics; this is about what is best for keeping the people of Warren County safe. Carolyn Duvelius is the best choice,” said Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims.

“I worked in Law Enforcement for over 50 years and know the importance of our Judges. We need Carolyn Duvelius,” said former Sheriff and current County Commissioner Tom Ariss.