Monday, January 16, 2012

ORP Civil War Heats Up Again

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a long piece about the Ohio Republican Party Civil War that is worth a read if you have some time. You can catch that here.

A few take-a-ways...

The list of Team Kasich possible replacements: Bouncin' Bob McEwen, Doug Priesse, and Rex Elsass.

There is a three-way race for the 7th District. Team Kasich has a candidate (Rebecca Heimlich), DeWine has a candidate (Jean Raga), and the Tea Party has a candidate (Maggi Cook)

What doesn't make sense is the challenge in the 4th District where incumbents Tim Evans and Bea Lyons are solid conservatives being challenged by Team Kasich's Anderson Family (Richard and Patricia).

Honestly, when it comes to chairman, I have no preference. With the names mentioned above as my choice, I'd just as soon stick with the devil we know: Kevin DeWine.

As for the Central Committee races, the 7th could go any way in a free-for-all; and the 4th already has two very good people representing Butler County Republicans.

All of this has the potential for weakening Governor Kasich at a time when he dare not show weakness.

But shame on the chairman for airing the dirty laundry in public when the focus should be on Obama and Brown. If he were to stay on message and do his job professionally, he wouldn't have to worry about the jesters in the courtyard.