Monday, January 30, 2012

Schmidt Earns Endorsement of Ohio Right to Life PAC

Brad Wenstrup says he is the true pro life conservative. Yet, he gave taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, an organization accused of covering up child rape. Not very conservative, pro life, or pro family to me. But, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has shown and earned high scores on these issues as well as endorsements. Ohio Right to Life PAC has endorsed Jean Schmidt:
Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has been endorsed in the March 6 Republican primary election by the Ohio Right to Life Political Action Committee.

"The 2012 congressional elections will determine the pro-life balance of power in Washington D.C.," Mike Gonidakis said on behalf of the Ohio Right to Life PAC. "As pro-life Ohioans, it is our responsibility to support these endorsed candidates. Too many pro-life initiatives have been stalled by our pro-abortion president. ... We are asking all Ohioans to consider the unique opportunity we have before us to transform our federal government in order to place women's health and the lives of their unborn children as a top priority."

Congresswoman Schmidt, a Clermont County Republican who represents Ohio's Second District, was endorsed earlier this month by the Cincinnati Right to Life PAC, which also is dedicated to ending abortion.
"It is an honor to be recognized for leading the legislative fight to protect the lives of unborn babies," said Congresswoman Schmidt, who is chairwoman of the Congressional Pro-Life Women's Caucus.

During the last session of the U.S. House, Congresswoman Schmidt co-sponsored and voted for a bill to repeal Obamacare. The president's health-care measure could open the door for taxpayer money to go to abortion providers. Congresswoman Schmidt also co-sponsored and voted for the Protect Life Act, which would amend Obamacare to prevent federal funds from supporting health-care plans that include abortion coverage. In addition, Congresswoman Schmidt recently co-sponsored and voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Congresswoman Schmidt previously served four years as a lawmaker in the Ohio General Assembly, where she was instrumental in ensuring that Planned Parenthood didn't receive funding from the state. "I oppose local, state, or federal taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood for any reason - because such money frees up resources that can be used to promote and perform abortions," Congresswoman Schmidt said.

Congresswoman Schmidt was president of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati in 2005, when she became the first woman elected to represent Southern Ohio in Congress.