Monday, January 30, 2012

Schmidt Scores High in Another Rating

Family Research Council Action and CitizenLink recently released their Vote Scorecard for the first session of the 112th Congress. FRC Action and CitizenLink scored numerous votes that were detrimental to the family. The new Scorecard details how members of Congress voted on pro-life and pro-family issues. In all, eight Senators and 46 Representatives had 100 percent, "True Blue" voting records in the scorecard.

FRC Action seeks to fortify the traditional foundations of civil society through efforts to educate, inform and influence elected officials in support of the country's historic ideals of equality under the law, and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on which the nation was founded.

View the Congress's Member's voting record for 112th Congress



Rob Portman (R) - 71%

Sherrod Brown (D) - 0%


Steve Chabot (R) OH-1 - 100%

Jean Schmidt (R) OH-2 - 100%

Michael Turner (R) OH-3 - 90%

Jim Jordan (R) OH-4 - 100%

Robert Latta (R) OH-5 - 90%

Bill Johnson (R) OH-6 - 90%

Steve Austria (R) OH-7 - 90%

John Boehner (R) OH-8 - 100%

Marcy Kaptur (D) OH-9 - 20%

Dennis Kucinich (D) OH-10 - 10%

Marcia Fudge (D) OH-11 - 10%

Pat Tiberi (R) OH-12 - 90%

Betty Sutton (D) OH-13 - 10%

Steven LaTourette (R) OH-14 - 90%

Steve Stivers (R) OH-15 - 90%

James Renacci (R) OH-16 - 90%

Timothy Ryan (D) OH-17 - 10%

Bob Gibbs (R) OH-18 - 80%

Jean Schmidt scored 100% on pro family and pro life. Brad Wenstrup gave money to Planned Parenthood as a member of the Board of Health and lost a grant the board had had for 30 years.....Who's better on conservative life and family issues? The evidence is clear....

Sidenote: Also says quite a bit about the supposed Conservative golden boy Jr. Senator from Ohio.....