Thursday, February 16, 2012

66thOHD: Owens Endorsed by Ohio ProLife Action

Batavia Township – On Wednesday, February 15th, Ohio ProLife Action issued endorsements for the Ohio General Assembly for the primary election to be held on March 6th. Ohio ProLife Action endorsed Republican candidate Nick Owens for the 66th District of the Ohio House of Representatives. Nick Owens was the only candidate to be endorsed by Ohio ProLife Action for the 66th District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Founded in 2011, Ohio ProLife Action’s mission is to provide representation, leadership and support to the Pro Life movement in Ohio and to public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life in the public arena. Ohio ProLife Action is the state’s leading advocacy group for the passage of House Bill 125, commonly known as the Heartbeat Bill.

“As a first time candidate for public office, I am absolutely honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of Ohio ProLife Action. In a very brief period of time, Ohio ProLife Action has become a leading voice for the unborn in the State of Ohio. Like Ohio ProLife Action, I hope the Ohio Senate promptly brings the Heartbeat Bill to the floor for a vote. The passage of the Heartbeat Bill will immediately save lives of the unborn. We cannot wait any longer,” stated Republican candidate Nick Owens.

“Further, it is easy for candidates and politicians to say they are Pro Life. Unfortunately, at times this empty rhetoric to simply get elected. This is not the case for me. I am Pro Life because it is the fabric of my being,” continued Republican candidate Nick Owens.

“I believe my personal story would give the Pro Life community a very persuasive voice for the sanctity of life in the Ohio House of Representatives. My mother chose life when she was just seventeen years old. I am thankful everyday for my mother’s decision to give me the gift of life. My mother delivering me at such a young age has given me the perspective of what it means to be Pro Life in Ohio and the United States. With every abortion is another lost gift and miracle to our communities, Nation, and World,” stated Owens.

Nick Owens is the only candidate for the 66th District of the Ohio House of Representatives to be endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC, Ohio ProLife Action, Fraternal Order of Police Ohio Valley Lodge 112, and the Citizens for Community Values Action PAC.