Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sherrod Brown's Priorities Don't Include Paying Taxes Until Caught

Check out this Human Events story...

Once again, we see evidence that liberal elites like Sherrod Brown think that paying taxes is for the little people. Had he not been caught, does anybody believe that Senator Brown would have done what the rest of us are forced to do? Paying your taxes is patriotic, right? Why, then, does Sherrod Brown hate his country so? Is he taking his lead from President Obama???

UPDATE: A few more details...

TOTAL OWED TO D.C.: $922.04

  • $892 Is Brown’s Balance

  • $76 Is Brown’s Penalty For Being Late

  • $46 Is The Interest On Brown’s Balanced

  • From failing to represent the best interests of Ohio families, to evading taxes, it turns out the only responsibility Sherrod Brown is embracing these days is supporting Barack Obama's policies ninety-five percent of the time.

    UPDATE: The age-old "I misplaced the bill and forget about it" defense. Think that would work for you or me?