Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on the ORP vs. Team Kasich UN-Civil War

It is no secret that at the moment, I prefer the devil that we know, Kevin DeWine, at the helm at the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) because the names that I have heard from media that Team Kasich are considering as replacements would, in my opinion, make matters much worse (new problems, not the same old ones).


Bytor makes some very good points in this post.

After all the outrage after the last cycle, that the "new crew" at ORP would come up with the exact same strategies is more than a little suspect. This makes me think that Team Kasich has a point about Chairman DeWine and that instead of accepting the symbolic dismissal of the "old crew" at ORP, maybe Kevin should have been sent packing.

These are unforced errors.

And again, I keep going back to the comments from ORP saying that defeating Obama and Brown are the top priorities, but if you look at how much ORP is spending on state central committee seats you can only come to one conclusion: Kevin DeWine thinks that his remaining as chairman is more important than defeating President Obama and/or Senator Brown.

And that is a sad truth...

Remember this when you get those mailers asking for even more money.....