Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea Partiers Endorse Client of Anti-Tea Party Mark Weaver

OK, the Tea Party in Ohio is officially dead. There, I said it. It has been killed by vendettas between individuals and leadership that thinks, like the evangelicals in the 2000s, that they are the only voice that matters. In a release, the Ohio Liberty Council chose to endorse Dr. Brad "I will say no money to abortions organizations on surveys but will give tons of money to Planned Parenthood on the Cincinnati Board of Health" Wenstrup. Tom Z, a guy I used to respect, sings the praises of someone who:
1. lied to pro life groups about being against giving taxpayer dollars to any abortion agency under ANY circumstances
2. used a George Soros attack group that has called Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and tea partiers corrupt to besmirch Jean Schmidt
3. Has lied at a county endorsement meeting about conversations about the abortion issue with a member of the central committee of said county
4. Has used a friendly gesture by Schmidt toward Obama to make it seem like she supports Obama, when every time she meets the President that kiss is followed by "honor your promise to Piketon, Mr. President"
5. Was such a poor steward of Public Money that Cincinnati lost a health grant they had had for the previous 30 years because of his poor management and the rest of teh board of health

Somehow, to Tom Z, who evidently walks on water and has never ever sinned, this is a conservative candidate. Here is Tom Z and the OLC's idiotic endorsement:
The Ohio Liberty Council today announced that it is endorsing Dr. Brad Wenstrup for Congress in the 2nd District Republican Primary on March 6th. The endorsement is based on the recommendation of three OLC member groups in the 2nd Congressional District including Liberty Alliance Cincinnati, Clermont County TEA Psarty, and Anderson TEA Party organizations.

In making the endorsement, Tom Zawistowski, President of the OLC, said “An important part of the TEA Party movement is taking the time and making the effort to personally meet candidates and evaluate them in order to determine who will best represent our communities. I congratulate our TEA Party member organization who have done just that and have decided that Dr. Wenstrup is the best candidate in the field. Dr. Wenstrup's commitment to our nation through his military service, and commitment to his community through his involvement with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and other local charities, are unquestioned. It is the opinion of the Ohio Liberty Council that the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District would be well served if they voted to send Dr. Wenstrup to Washington to represent our conservative, constitutionally based values. We urge all Republicans to vote for Dr. Wenstrup either by absentee ballot or in person on March 6th.”

In accepting the endorsement of the OLC, Dr. Wenstrup said "I'm proud to earn the support of Ohio Liberty Council. As a small business owner and doctor, I believe it's time for a new representative to go to Washington. Someone who will stand for conservative values. Someone who will fight for economic freedom. And someone who will demand real solutions, real growth and real jobs. I look forward to being a voice for conservatives across Southwestern Ohio."

Even if they are not pro life, I know of few conservatives who think giving TAXPAYER MONEY to planned parenthood is a good idea. Then you compound it with lies about there being NO OTHER provider of testing services. Compound that with his poor stewardship as well as his mudslinging ads, and I don't see a conservative. Tom Z and his little OLC have truly jumped the shark, and it is self important asshats like these who have taken the tea party movement in Ohio and made it a frigging joke. Now, let's throw this in..remember how the OLC and other tea partiers were gung ho about taking over Ohio's GOP State Central Committee? Guess who was hired and willingly slung mud on behalf of Kevin DeWine against the tea party? Mark Weaver, that's who. And guess who is getting paid by Weaver to engage in lies and distortion against Jean Schmidt? Mark Weaver! From campaign expenditure reports from Team Wenstrup:

Communications Counsel, Inc.
37 West Broad Street, Suite 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215
10/03/2011 Invoice Wenstrup 22-1 $1800.00

Communications Counsel, Inc.
37 West Broad Street, Suite 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215
10/09/2011 Consulting and Advertising - Period 9/2 $10199.60

Communications Counsel, Inc.
37 West Broad Street, Suite 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215
11/22/2011 Consulting & Reimbursements - for period $4096.57

Communications Counsel, Inc.
37 West Broad Street, Suite 325
Columbus, Ohio 43215
12/17/2011 Dec 2011 & Sub-Consulting $11381.02

IF the tea partiers would get their heads out of their arses and quit thinking every incumbent is evil, they would see that they are throwing in with the guy who destroyed their chance at any right to work legislation he also was working with Kevin DeWine when he shot down their chances to get Tpers on the State Central Committee.

The OLC has become nothing more than an anti-incumbency group, a fringe organization that if it has any hope of being worth a damn, needs to get rid of people so strident who think we need to get rid of one of the most conservative members of Congress from Ohio. Someone who has gotten high rankings from industrial and business groups, as well as family groups. And, Jean never ever used a Soros attack group to besmirch a fellow Republican. But, I guess all that matters to Tom Z and the folks at OLC is Brad wore a uniform, has a penis, and spews all their rhetoric with very little proof in the pudding.

I am saddened and disgusted, despite the opportunity to meet Herman Cain, to have ever gone to Tom Z's convention or be associated with it. If this is his idea of looking into a candidate, I suggest he revisit things a bit.

Now, let's look at Jean Schmidt:

_Endorsed by the NRA victory fund
_Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life PAC
_Family Research Council and Citizen Link 100% Rating
_Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-OH) received the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence
_Americans for Prosperity 100% rating
_Campaign for Working Families 100% rating
_Endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life PAC
_Endorsed by Buckeye Firearms Association
_Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has been recognized as a ‘Taxpayer Hero’ by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.

I guess To Tom Z and the OLC, these organizations don't know what they are talking about...but I tend to go with organizations with actual track records over flashes in the pan any day of the week...But, your mileage may vary....