Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Matt's Endorsements


GOP Candidate for President: Rick Santorum -- It is no secret that I have not been wild about this field; but having heard Santorum speak, he's got my vote.

US Senate: Josh Mandel -- As much as I wish Josh would have finished his term as Treasurer, he is the best candidate in this field. He would serve us well in DC.

OH-02: Jean Schmidt -- Jean has proven her conservative credentials over the years. She may have made a few mistakes along the way, but Club for Growth, the National Taxpayers Union, and the National journal all rate her very high.

OH-03: John Adams -- Adams is a smart legislator and he is the right guy for this race.

OH-05: Bob Latta -- Latta has been effective in DC and he is one of the few in the Ohio delegation on the cutting edge of digital communications with his constituents.

OH-07: Bob Gibbs -- I had my doubts about Gibbs, but he has shown what he is made of since taking this seat. He deserves another term to continue his work.

OH-08: John Boehner -- He's the Speaker of the House for goodness sakes...

OH-09: Joe the Plumber -- The general is going to be a fun race to watch (heck, the Dem primary has been entertaining!). If we get the right candidate, this one will be competitive. Joe is the right guy.


6th Ohio Senate: Paul Isaacs -- I hope this one is the upset of the night. Peggy Lehner has been a disappointment and it is time to end her career before she does any more damage.

14th Ohio Senate: Paul Hall -- While Joe Uecker would also be acceptable, I've known Paul longer and am confident that he would represent the district very well.

27th Ohio House: Pete Stautberg -- It took us years to get rid of Tom Brinkman, let's put the last nail in the coffin of his political career.

28th Ohio House: Mike Wilson -- Mike deserves a second shot at Connie Pillich in the general.

51st Ohio House: Wes Retherford -- Yes, he has no opponent, but we ALWAYS support contributors to the program here at WMD.

65th Ohio House: John Becker -- Even if John weren't a "friend of the show" he would get my endorsement. John has integrity and is principle-centered. We need those qualities in Columbus.

66th Ohio House: Nick Owens -- This young man has been impressive. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has worked harder for the win than Eric. While Doug Green would also be acceptable, Owens gets the edge here.

73rd Ohio House: Eric Spicer -- Everything I hae heard about Eric makes me believe he is the right guy to send to Columbus. The incumbent is no good, so it is time for some new blood.


Commissioner: Chuck Furmon -- Chuck is one of the few "old guard" Butler County Republicans who deserves re-election. Chuck has worked tirelessly on behalf of his constituents and has the experience required to keep the county on track.

Clerk of Courts: Mary Swain -- Mary has done a tremendous job of cleaning up the mess left by Hurricane Cindy.