Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Primary Analysis

Kind of a mixed bag, really...

The Good

  • Dennis Kucinich can now return to his home planet a loser

  • In Butler County, Mary Swain crushed Cindy Carpenter: The Next Generation by a score of 60 - 40

  • Over in Brown County, Doug Green wins for State Rep. Nick Owens ran a great campaign, is a young guy, and will be back.

  • 73rd OHD: Jarrod Martin is done. Would have preferred Eric Spicer for the win, but Rick Perales will have to do

  • The Bad

  • Multiple opponents wasn't enough to keep Chuck Furmon as Commissioner in Butler County

  • Peggy Lehner defeated her primary opponent for State Senate.

  • The Ugly

  • USA Brad defeats Jean Schmidt in OH-02. Let's hope he gets to take on David Krikorian in the general. COAST won't know who to endorse......

  • Mitt Romney. Looks like I'll be voting AGAINST Obama, but not FOR the Republican...again. *()&$%$)&*^&%^#@