Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ORP Civil War Update

Over at 3BP, Bytor has the latest news that has shocked the Great State of Beautiful Ohio. Apparently, seven Republican county party chairmen of predominately democratic areas of the state have demanded that Kevin DeWine (aka, the Devil We Know) step down immediately.

My gut reaction to this missive is pretty close to Maggie Thurber's. I don't approve of county chairmen using their titles to make statements regarding internal political problems when the county parties haven't weighed in on the subject. It is arrogant presumption on their part to do so.

And what of the other county party chairmen? Doesn't Butler get a say in this? How about Brown County? Were they even asked or is this just about the blue parts of the state getting a say?

Furthermore, I believe it is unwise to force DeWine out until we know who Team Kasich wants to replace him with in the position. There are reasons why I call him the Devil We Know and until someone is properly vetted, I can't in good conscience recommend that Kevin step aside.

As stated previously, the names we have heard in the various trial balloons have all been unacceptable. I don't think it is too much to ask, at least of these seven guys, just who they intend to back as a replacement.


Bottom line: I'm getting that "We're about to get screwed" sort of disturbance in the Force feeling...