Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Reaction to DeWine Quote

Chairman Kevin DeWine:
"There were good people on both sides of the leadership contest and now that it's finally over, we must join together to unify our party moving forward. There will no doubt be a few dissidents who try to continue this dispute. When they do, they will answer to the millions of Republicans in this nation who are counting on Ohio to ensure the defeat of Barack Obama in November.
What we have in Ohio isn't a "party", sir, what we have here is thuggery, coercion, and intimidation by another name.

While I prefer the Chairman over the devil we don't know, I have NOT and will NOT support or condone his tactics in this altercation. Spending party resources on State Central Committee seats, without the knowledge of at least some of these candidates, is unwise, unethical, and an abuse of the trust Ohio Republicans have placed in the party and its leadership.

I grow weary of the establishment and their continued bullying. At some point, these guys will all learn the lesson. Until then, I recommend we hit them where it hurts: the pocketbook. Make whatever donations you deem appropriate to the various and sundry candidates as you see fit, but NOT ONE RED CENT TO THE OHIO REPUBLICAN PARTY until it is written in to the by-laws that party funding will NEVER be used again for State Central Committee races. Using party funds to back people loyal to the Chairman was despicable and uncalled for...

Oh, and Team Kasich...I didn't care for your antics either...but we'll save that for whenever one of you crawls out from the shadows and leaves us a quote we can find.......