Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Speaker Batchelder, Chairman Huffman Release Statement Following Ohio Primary

COLUMBUS—Following Tuesday’s primary election in Ohio, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) released the following statement:

“Ohio House Republicans have a strong record of defending our incumbent members, and we are pleased that all six of our members who faced challengers in the primary were successful, in many cases by wide margins. This shows that our work during this General Assembly and the course we have set for Ohio is one that Ohioans recognize as beneficial for the future of our state. We will continue to work to make Ohio a better place to live, work, raise a family and start a business, and we will accomplish this with the help of these dedicated and hard-working individuals.”

Additionally, Chairman of the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee Matt Huffman (R-Lima) released the following statement:

“Speaker Batchelder and I are extremely pleased with the strong slate of candidates that we have going into the 2012 elections, and we look forward to working with them to ensure that we retain the majority in the Ohio House of Representatives. These men and women have the leadership to keep Ohio’s momentum moving in the right direction toward a more business-friendly, economically competitive environment where jobs can flourish. Now more than ever, Ohioans need and deserve capable leaders who will make the difficult decisions that must be made, and our candidates are those leaders who have a dynamic vision for Ohio’s future and how to get there.”

The current House Republican members who won their primaries were Representatives Peter Stautberg (House District 27), Andy Brenner (House District 67), Margaret Ann Ruhl (House District 68), Robert Sprague (House District 83), John Adams (House District 85), and Jeff McClain (House District 87).

The candidates who won primaries were Mark Romanchuk (House District 2), Mike Wilson (House District 28), Louis W. Blessing III (House District 29), Randy Law (House District 64), John Becker (House District 65), Doug Green (House District 66), Rick Perales (House District 73), Matt Lynch (House District 76), Ron Hood (House District 78), and Charles Richter (House District 94).