Tuesday, March 20, 2012

T.C. Rogers Wins the Provisionals

The Journal-News is reporting that newcomer T. C. Rogers has won the recount for Butler County Commissioner by a margin of just 14 votes.

This is a pretty significant victory for the Tea Party movement in Butler County. Now hopefully, those groups will pass the hat and get this guy some public speaking lessons because the PR chick the Democrats are running against him in the general will CRUSH him in any appearance that they might end up doing together.

Exit Question: What will Corky Combs do now? He was beat by Roger Reynolds for Auditor and now beat by someone nobody had heard of prior to this race for Commissioner.

UPDATE: Apparently, the J-N has mislead us...this was the counting of the absentee and provisionals and not the actual recount. Apparently, we have to drag this thing out even longer... So...I have changed the headline from "Recount" to "Provisionals"