Tuesday, May 01, 2012

BUTLER COUNTY: Spotlight and the Fired Chief

Two stories got my attention over the last few days that I want to share some perspective on for the locals... First up: Is Sheriff Spotlight Ill??? Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer occupied the most dangerous place in Butler County (that being between Sheriff Jones and the media) to take the heat for the latest screw up that Jonesy is trying to blame County Commissioners for instead of accepting responsibility. Seriously? Somebody check in with the Sheriff and make sure he's alright because I've never known him to skip a chance at getting some face time with the press...for ANY reason..... Second story: Fairfield Township Fires the Fire Chief I have to admit, I really don't know much about this story as I have only been half paying attention to it but I do find it interesting that the trustees do this when the Chief was (as I understand it) out of town with an Honor Flight to DC. That's pretty cowardly... But, I have to draw some parallels to Sheriff Spotlight for a minute. If Chief Downie was cut loose for having said some negative things to and/or about trustees, and people are okay with that; Sheriff Spotlight ought to be done because he has done, pretty much, the same thing. The only reason why Jones gets to keep his job is that he was elected. Sure isn't competence or respect for authority..... Someday, the good people of Butler County will recognize that they aren't being well served by this man and will take appropriate action at the ballot box.