Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Gov. Kasich Voices Concern With Sen. Education Committee Changes

COLUMBUS—Gov. John R. Kasich today expressed concern with changes to his education reform proposal approved today by the Ohio Senate Education Committee and released the following statement: “I’m troubled by moves underway in the Senate that, I believe, would weaken efforts to improve education for Ohio’s children. “The legislation being considered in the Senate would let principals promote kids even if they’re struggling with reading, micromanage how struggling readers are helped, strip parents of the chance to seek outside reading help for their kids and simply lower reading standards. “In the early grades kids learn to read so that in their later grades they can read to learn. We can’t do anything to undermine that, because if we do we’re only hurting kids, and in three meetings with the Senate in just the past week my staff has expressed that. I’m hopeful we can work things out in the Senate but if not I’ll appeal to the House for the improvements our kids need—and deserve.”
Tom Niehaus can't get out of politics fast enough...