Tuesday, May 08, 2012

BUTLER COUNTY: Disturbing Trend Emerging

Maybe Sheriff Spotlight skipped the press conference the other day because he needed to attend to busting crime. Most of the sheriff's deputies are completely trustworthy, but this one could use a spotlight shined on him.
A Butler County sheriff’s deputy has resigned amid allegations he misused Fraternal Order of Police funds he was responsible for as the group’s treasurer. Deputy Kenneth Ritchie, 37, of Trenton is accused of bank charges that are “inconsistent with FOP business,” according to Jeff Gebhart, president of FOP Lodge 101, which represents the sheriff’s office.
That charges have not been filed yet is disturbing especially since this isn't the first time this particular deputy has had a problem with this particular crime.
No charges have been filed against Ritchie, but this is the second time the deputy has been accused of mismanaging funds with a nonprofit group. Ritchie was suspended by the sheriff’s office in September 2011 after being accused of mismanaging funds as treasurer of the Edgewood Youth Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Association.
I've heard of second chances, but the third time is a cover up.