Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rep. Latta Endorses Mitt Romney

The last time President Obama came to Ohio as a candidate, he spoke of hope and change. More than any specific policy proposal, it was the promise of hope and change that won over the American people. Hope that the economic downturn would be short-lived and that under his leadership we would see the creation of millions of new, good jobs. Change was what he promised to bring to Washington, where he assured us he would discard the partisan politics that have bedeviled the capital for too long and reform a government that many Americans no longer feel works for them. President Obama made these promises to a nation that was hungry to hear them. They responded, and he won the election in overwhelming fashion. Today he returns to Ohio, once again seeking our votes. But now President Obama has something he lacked before—a record, and it is one of broken promises and failed policies. President Obama promised Americans that his stimulus plan would revitalize the economy and that unemployment would never go above 8 percent. He even said it would be 6 percent by now. However, that isn’t the case; we've had 39 consecutive months of 8 percent-plus unemployment, the worst record since the Great Depression. Adding insult to injury, President Obama’s reckless spending continues to add to the national debt, further placing America on an even greater path of financial instability. Worst of all, if President Obama is reelected and his out of control spending continues, the national debt will hit $20 trillion in the final year of his second term. Yet somehow despite all these failures, President Obama believes he has succeeded. Based on his words, one might expect that President Obama would want to run on his record. Clearly, however, not even he believes his own proclamations. That is why his campaign is one of distraction and distortion. But we in Ohio aren’t looking for a politician, we are looking for a leader. We want someone with a plan to succeed where Barack Obama has failed. In Mitt Romney, we have that candidate. Mitt Romney’s successes are as well-known as Barack Obama’s failures. Whether working to save businesses, to salvage the Olympic Games, or to put Massachusetts’s fiscal house in order, Mitt Romney has proven he is a master at turning things around. But Romney brings something even more important than his record to the table. Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney knows that the foundation of our nation’s prosperity is the American people, not the federal government. President Obama wants more government in your lives. Mitt Romney will get government out of your way. President Obama wants higher taxes. Mitt Romney will cut tax rates across the board and reform our byzantine tax code. President Obama wants to continue spending more money than we can take in, borrowing from China to do so. Mitt Romney will finally balance our budget. President Obama wants to tell you how to live your lives, down to whether your children can help out on a family farm. Mitt Romney knows that free people, not government bureaucrats, built our nation’s prosperity. The choice in this election could not be clearer. The case for America’s greatness begins today, here in Ohio and that’s why I fully support and endorse Mitt Romney for President of the United States.