Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brown County Board of Elections: Dallas Hurt, Hypocrite?

When Jill Shaffer was not given the deputy director job on a silver platter, Democrat member Dallas Hurt hit the roof. He went running to the media with things that were said in executive session (a breach of trust, as executive session matters are off the record and not available to the public)saying that Bill Herdmann and Mariah Votel were violating the spirit of hiring in the Board of Elections. He cited the Ohio Revised Code which said...oh heck, let me cite the article from the News Democrat (the paper where the publisher doesn't disclose his son is a Democrat operative) a few weeks ago:
Hurt said the Ohio Revised Code states the Board of Elections is compelled to promote from within the board staff to favor those who have experience. The Deputy Director position is currently a Republican seat, which Hurt said limits the potential pool of candidates from which to draw. Hurt said it is essential to have a professional and experienced Board of Elections during a Presidential election.

"I don't want to fill the Deputy Director position with someone who doesn't have any experience," Hurt said. "We have a good track record here of getting election results out with no problems. I jealously guard that, and it only takes one mistake to muddy that image."

Well, Dallas Hurt and the Democrats on the board did the very same thing when they hired Kathy Jones to be their director. Kathy Jones was not a member of the staff of the Brown County Board of Elections. She didn't and doesn't even live in Brown County. She lives in Clermont County and worked there. There was a perfectly capable woman to fill the role in Dawn Fridel, Democrat staff member. Dallas and co. passed over her to give the job to Kathy Jones, who promptly held the election process hostage to negotiate a contract that pays her almost twice as much as the clerks, and more than the assistant director. So, Dallas Hurt has no room to talk when it comes to hiring practices. And, great job costing the county, which is struggling for cash, a boatload of more money on that Jones contract, Mr. Hurt!

So, Mr. Hurt, it isn't that you don't approve of doing what was done. Which, by the way, nothing was under the table since there were no votes on the Shaffer recommendation since, as I was told, the discussions were in confidential executive session. But, what we see from Mr. Hurt is a pattern of hypocrisy and bullying, not to mention bending the truth. No, you disapproved of who were the other candidates once they were brought up to be the ones to be interviewed in addition to Ms. Shaffer. So, what did you do? You went running to Ms. Shaffer to tell her she wasn't going to get the job, and to make it sound like she wasn't even going to interview. This is BS, sir. The fact it, Ms. Shaffer was going to be allowed to interview and make her case to the board, in addition to the other candidates. But, you used privileged information to make it sound to her like she wasn't even going to get a fair shake.

Great reputation for the Board of Elections office? Hello? I have heard numerous complaints about customer service, attitudes of staff members, facilitating matters, etc. Good track record? What about the current Secretary of State investigation into voter suppression during the primary this past spring? What about your failure to provide adequate leadership in dealing with directives on election day? What about your letting a staff member hold the election process hostage? Hmmm?

Mr. Hurt now has been reported to say that News Democrat publisher Steve Triplett (the one whose son is a democrat club operative)misquoted him and attributed quotes to him that he didn't make. So, now that people are calling Mr. Hurt on violating executive session privilege, he is throwing his loudspeaker under the bus. Mr. Hurt has had no trouble using Triplett to bully people with giving Triplett source material to paint a slanted picture of things. But, I guess even Triplett gets thrown under the bus to protect Mr. Hurt.

You know Mr. Hurt, right? The chairman of the party of "the little guy", the Democrats, is himself a 1%er. That's right. Dallas Hurt is an investment banker. He is a Bain Capitalist himself....LOL....too dang funny. But yet here he is, head of the party that hates investment bankers...unless they are Goldman Sachs or donate to Obama.....which I guess Hurt does.....the hypocrisy knows no bounds...and the deception gets deeper......stay tuned......