Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brown County Board of Elections: Is Dallas Hurt Bending the Truth?

WMD previously reported on the Secretary of State investigation into voter suppression and intimidation in the spring primary. The investigation centers on whether through instructions given by Democrats Dallas Hurt and Kathy Jones voters were coerced into not crossing over in the primary. Well, since that article from the Brown County Press that was referenced at WMD, Dallas Hurt and Kathy Jones have gone spastic trying to deny any wrongdoing and attempting to point fingers the other way. Dallas has gone so far as to accuse Steve Triplett, publisher of the News Democrat, whose son is a county democrat club political operative (which he never discloses), of misquoting him and fabricating quotes. Well, now Dallas has stepped in it. From a follow up article in the Brown County Press (who doesn't have any political operatives hidden, to my knowledge, or I am sure they would disclose, unlike the Democrat):
board member Dallas Hurt said that the Secretary of State's office had received an e-mail "from a board member" discussing shortcomings in procedure in the office.

He was referring to the Secretary of State's office being made aware of the coercion when it came to crossover voters. Well, Mr. Hurt said this at the board of elections meeting and Wayne Gates of the Press has him on the record saying it. However, according to my sources, one of which is the source of the heads up to the SecState office, THE EMAIL DID NOT COME FROM THE BOARD OR A "BOARD MEMBER." Mr. Hurt is trying to play the bully again. Kathy Jones also spread this falsehood that someone on the board sent the email. The funny thing is, Silent Ralph Quallen, the other democrat on the board, is joining him. Ralph is trying to say everything is the fault of new Republican board member Mariah Votel. Look at the article referenced above. Ralph talks about how it is so partisan and how things used to be quieter. It isn't due to any additional partisanship. It is now you have someone young enough and willing enough to fight against you and Mr. Hurt. You won't be able to bulldoze her. Gosh, someone who stands up for what is right. We could have used that when the Dems forced Kathy Jones down our throats, something that has had the board of elections bleeding money ever since she held the elections board hostage and got that huge payday, where she makes twice as much as anyone else on staff.

So, friends. Once and for all, Dallas Hurt is playing fast and loose with the truth. He and Kathy Jones know the source of the tip off to the Sec State office didn't come from a "board member." I know they know. They know they know. Also, Ms. Jones, who may feign ignorance and make claims about different calls to the secretary of state's office and different people being there, she knows that Pat Wolfe told Mariah that the affadavits were not to be used or taken. She was there and heard it on speakerphone.

The audacity of these people amazes me.

However, tell your friends. No republican board member of the board tipped off the secretary of state's office. Kathy Jones knows it. Dallas Hurt knows it. They are just trying to make the republicans on the board, along with Paul Hall, look bad. But they are ruining the integrity of the board of elections in doing so.