Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Two at Right Online 2012 #RO12

LAS VEGAS, NV -- The opening session has gotten underway here in Ls Vegas.

At the moment, they are warming up the crowd for Michelle Malkin, Hugh Blew It Hewitt, and Roger Hedgecock.

Hearing for the second time, the story of Wisconsin's recall fight. It is an inspiring story filled with lots of little lessons for Ohio. Too bad our Republican Party fights against standing tall on conservative issues. THAT is the true difference between Wisconsin's big win and Ohio's big loss. Our governor could and should take a few lessons from Scott Walker. Congrats and hats off to AFP state director Luke Hilgemann for a job well done!

Ed Morrissey has stepped in to the blogger's row room and Michelle Malkin is on stage.

Malkin's talk was mostly about encouraging and rallying the troops to keep on doing what they are doing in the blogosphere and on Twitter. Inspiring as always and full of as much energy as one might expect. A real crowd-pleaser.

Hugh Hewitt is on now and I'd love to tell you what he's talking about but the livestream feed to the blogger's room keeps buffering... He has already mentioned PowerLine and Glenn Reynolds, so you know he is hitting all the usual notes.

Hewitt is talking about an issue that means a lot to me: what the administration (and quite frankly Congress) is doing to our military.

Last point from Hugh, he mentioned that Breitbart was all about helping other people "shine" putting the focus on the successes of others helps the movement. Promoting each other is what we should be doing because we complement each other; we don't compete with each other. This is what the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance is all about and I am happy to be a part of it. Breitbart is here!

Speaking of the SOB Alliance, we are pretty well represented here at RightOnline. In addition to me, Maggie Thurber, Jason Hart, and Nick "Bytor" Mascari are all here too. We have taken over two tables in the blogger's room in Buckeye solidarity!

More later...