Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Night at RightOnline #RO12

Big day so far! When I checked in at CVG, the agent at the desk informed my that I could get to Vegas a whole hour earlier if I abandoned the original itinerary and went to Detroitistan instead of Salt Lake City. BONUS: I was upgraded to first class for the DET - LAS leg of my journey which was VERY NICE.

The original plan to meet up with some folks at the airport in Vegas failed to happen, so I managed to catch a shuttle over to the Venetian to check in and relax a little bit before heading over to the big show.

RightOnline opened with a social media bootcamp which was basically an introduction to a number of platforms, most of which I personally am a power user (like Facebook) or have zero interest (like Pinterest). I had to leave that one a little early in order to get to the next session.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) invited a few bloggers to participate in a briefing on the 2012 cycle. I learned a lot in this one. Most important topic was a discussion of the Wisconsin recall that I really want to discuss further with some folks to compare WI with Ohio.

The first reception in honor of Andrew Breitbart was next and now Sarah Palin is speaking at the welcome ceremony.

I am looking forward to the breakout sessions tomorrow. Also on the agenda is a Q&A with Jonah Goldberg which will be tons of fun I am sure.

Okay...back to Sarah Palin now...more tomorrow!